The INVITE Project

Europe is a world-leading knowledge generator. Yet, a great deal of this knowledge often remains underexploited and does not make it to the market. This market failure, coined as the European Paradox over 20 years ago, still persists and implies that many R&I investments do not turn into economic and societal benefits.

Open innovation has the potential to address this persisting paradox. INVITE taps into this potential and introduces an innovative digital platform, the Open Innovation 2.0 Lab (OI2LAB), to address some well-known challenges of the European R&I landscape.

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About OI2 Lab


The OI2Lab provides a suite of demand-driven services and digital tools to stimulate open innovation across Europe and empower businesses to tap into its potential in order to collaborate, innovate and grow. Its objectives are to: 

STIMULATE & FACILITATE knowledge flows and co-creation of value across innovation systems
TRAIN & EMPOWER businesses with the skills to drive value out of Europe’s knowledge-base
CATALYSE & INCREASE private investments in promising open innovation projects


OI2Lab Services


Smart Matchmaking: Find suitable partners and opportunities for innovation across different open innovation platforms
Open Innovation Management: Set-up and manage your innovation-driven collaborations across borders
Links to Finance: Get your open innovation project off the ground with suitable funding solutions


OI2Lab arsenal of digital tools


Opportunities: Access innovation opportunities from leading knowledge networks all in one place
E-Learning Environment: Learn more about how you can use and get value our of open innovation
Collaboration Space: Find, connect and collaborate with your partners across long distances

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Participate in OI2Lab's running open calls and competitions


OI2Lab currently has open calls and competitions running. Apply now  to:

  • Win a €5000 innovation voucher to kick start your own open innovation project addressing challenges set by global businesses
  • Get support from OI2 Lab innovation advisors to identify, connect and collaborate with suitable partners across borders
  • Access coaching and tools that can help you improve your investment readiness along with your pitching technique



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Project News

Dear Innovators,

The deadline for our on-going competition Improve your Investment Readiness has been extended. If you haven‘t get your chance yet to win a professional video on your innovation, pitching coaching or business plan review, take advantage of this extension and complete your application by 2nd December 2019, 17:00 CET

The InnoRate Project has launched a survey  to gain better understabding of the barriers that innovators and investors face during the process of innovation financing. 

The results will help in the evidence-based development of an innovative Technology Rating Platform to improve access to finance for innovative SMEs with high-growth potential in the EU and Associated Countries. The survey lasts about 10 minutes.