Objectives of the INVITE project

INVITE introduces novel methods and approaches that allow the systematic and effective linkage of innovation supply and demand across European innovation systems through piloting and showcasing the effectiveness of a range of diverse OI support mechanisms and measures. Piloting and validating our approach will allow us to come up with a scalable blend of services, tools and schemes that have a significant potential for improving Europe’s innovation performance as well as for translating existing knowledge into new value in terms of:

  • Improving the OI performance of European entities by building stronger linkages between European innovation ecosystems.
  • Facilitating the communication of knowledge among innovation systems by targeting to lift the barriers of human capital mobility.
  • Strengthening the demand-side capacity in terms of openness to and management of external knowledge by reinforcing entities’ OI skills and absorptive capacity.
  • Empowering a huge segment of EU industry (micro-firms and SMEs) which is currently underserved, to foster OI activities by shifting attention to their actual needs.
  • Increasing entities’ ability to raise private funding.
  • Reducing investors’ reluctance towards OI projects.
  • Reducing the cost of public bodies and regional authorities that seek to promote OI.

 With the above in mind, INVITE introduces an innovation voucher scheme for virtual Human Capital Mobility (HCM) for cross-sectoral and cross-border collaborations. Findings from INVITE’s testbeds will offer policy makers valuable insights for the effectiveness and optimal way of delivery of this innovative voucher scheme as a new mechanism to streamline knowledge supply and demand. In fact, this mechanism will prove to be very handy for both policy makers as well as innovation actors (including SMEs), as it has the potential to offer the desired results of physical HCM while minimising the costs and being free from the drawbacks of its traditional application. 

 Moreover, INVITE’s OI e-learning intervention will allow OI professionals as well as innovation support networks and public authorities to offer a customised learning offer to innovation actors that through its tailor-made and refined curriculum and framework of delivery will constitute a tool able to enhance OI capacity and stimulate a lasting demand for external knowledge and OI activities.

 Furthermore, the public-private funding scheme of INVITE will allow us to actually see if and how small public funding along the provision of the right communication tools can reduce investors’ perceived risk towards OI activities and enable fund seeking entities to access private funding for their open and collaborative innovation models. This co-investment mechanism will be useful for public and regional authorities that seek to boost innovativeness with the minimum amount of public funding.

 In this context, INVITE’s Open Innovation Lab will be the ideal vehicle for delivering the projects’ outcomes, serving as a connector between innovation actors across the entire EU. Through this pan-European service platform innovation actors will gain easy access to our value propositions including our OI service and open ICT tools. In fact, the flexibility of the Open Innovation Lab will allow the rapid and effective provision of OI support services and offer major benefits to its users such as cost effectiveness from being able to take advantage of the OI services online, ease of usage and usage speed, accelerated pace of innovation and location independency.

 Finally, INVITE’s outcomes will lead to a concrete methodology as well as tools that can be used for building and coordinating a multi-stakeholder OI community for the needs of interconnecting European innovation ecosystems and facilitating meaningful interactions amongst their actors.